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Tribal Water in the Pacific Northwest: Strategies for resolving key issues for Tribal water availability, conservation, and regulation

Who Should Attend

Attorneys, Tribal, local, state and federal governmental representatives, environmental professionals, business executives, water users and their representatives

Why You Should Attend

The Fourth Annual Conference brings together an exceptional faculty to address major developments for Tribal water in the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased to include Duane Mecham, Senior Attorney, US DOI Office of the Solicitor, speaking on the impact of the new administration on Tribal water policies and adapting Tribal Strategies to changes at the key Federal agencies. Here is an essential update on the role of Tribal governments in discussions regarding water availability, conservation and regulations in the Pacific Northwest. Leading attorneys, Tribal and agency representatives will discuss Umatilla Tribe reserved rights and Yakama Nation cooperative efforts for resource preservation and improvement, creative water supply management, updates on Klamath Basin issues, stream flows and water release management on the Columbia River, updates on the Cluverts Case, and the impact of the Hirst Case. You will hear about technical considerations for water resource management and provisions of the EPA's new rule authorizing Tribes to administer the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) program within their reservations, and tips for applying for TAS status.


Throughout our Tribal Water Law conference, we will explore ways in which Tribes, local governments and water agencies can work cooperatively to ensure an adequate and sustained supply of water for mutually beneficial uses into the future. We hope you can join us.


~Susan K. Driver, Esq., Program Co-Chair of Dorsay & Easton LLP & Thomas P. Schlosser, Esq., Program Co-Chair of Morisset Schlosser Jozwiak & Somerville


Register soon. Live webcast is also available.

What You Will Learn

  • ~Impact of the 2016 Presidential election on federal and Tribal water policies
  • ~Pending Tribal water issues in the Pacific Northwest
  • ~Technical, legal and Tribal perspectives on the water supply problem
  • ~Update on Klamath Basin issues
  • ~Stream flows in the Pacific Northwest
  • ~Water release management on the Columbia River
  • ~Update on the Culverts Case
  • ~Impact of the Hirst Case
  • ~Technical considerations of water resources management
  • ~Provisions of the EPA's new rule authorizing tribes to administer the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) program within their reservations
  • ~Process for applying for TAS status

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Walk-ins are welcome, subject to space availability. Registration is complete when we receive payment or agree to later payment.