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Training: Climate Reality Leaderships Corps Washington Training

Climate Reality Leadership Corps applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Key points about Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings:

·       Climate Reality Leadership Corps Trainings are completely self-funded by attendees.  There is no fee to attend the training, but you will need to pay for your own travel and lodging. During the training, The Climate Reality Project will provide all training materials.

·       Training attendees must secure their own travel to and accommodation during the event. We encourage applicants to seek funding through other organizations, businesses, community groups, and other similar sources.

·       All trainings are in English. Unfortunately, translation services cannot be provided and if you want materials in other languages, you should be prepared to translate them as needed.provided and if you want materials in other languages, you should be prepared tate them as needed..

·       Completing the training means you will be a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and join our global network of Climate Reality Leaders.

·       Climate Reality Leaders commit to a minimum of ten (10) activities with The Climate Reality Project, including presentations, media, advocacy and other events within a year after attending a training, and will be required to sign an agreement prior to the training.

·       If accepted, you must attend all three (3) days of the training.

·       A parent or legal guardian must give permission for a minor between the ages of 13 and 18 to attend the training. A parent or legal guardian must accompany an attendee who is under the age of 13 and must apply and be accepted in order to attend the training. 

·       To become a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, you must be accepted and attend one of our trainings with our Founder and Chairman, former US Vice President Al Gore.

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