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Annual Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Conference

The Conference will update you on the political, legal and market dynamics affecting climate policy for the Pacific Northwest. Register soon for this year’s Climate Change Conference.

Here are some of the topics under discussion that you will not want to miss:

·         How the rollback of the Obama climate agenda has mobilized states and local governments to redouble their efforts

  • ·         Prospects for Congressional action
  • ·         Impact of FERC's Grid Reliability and Resilience Pricing proceeding
  • ·         Checks and balances: Litigation update
  • ·         Collaboration among states and subnational governments
  • ·         Lessons from California's groundbreaking work for addressing climate change
  • ·         Intrastate and collaborative initiatives in Oregon
  • ·         Update on implementation of British Columbia's carbon tax; dos and don'ts for U.S. states
  • ·         Market-based carbon reductions
  • ·         The economic impacts of potential national carbon policies
  • ·         Storage as the next disruptive technology
  • ·         What's next for electrification of transportation?
  • ·         Reducing transportation sector emissions
  • ·         Reducing carbon impacts in land use decision making

We hope you will join us at a reception at the end of the first day for faculty and attendees. This is an important year for the "Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest" Conference.