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Annual Activities Work Plan

Here is a list of activities the Chief Joseph Hatchery Science and Production Program will perform annually.  For a complete summary of these activities please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

1.  The CJHP Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
2.  The Chief Joseph Hatchery Annual Program Review
3.  The CJHP Action Plan
4.  Data Collections
5.  Rotary Screw Trapping
6.  Juvenile Beach Seining
7.  Adult Fish Returns and Harvest
8.  Okanogan Adult Fish Weir
9.  Spawning and Carcass Surveys

10. Coded Wire Tag Lab
11. Hatchery Maintenance and Production
12.  Hatchery Monitoring and Reporting
13.  Habitat Data
14.  Data Management
15.  Analysis
16.  Reporting
17.  Cost Share Agreements
18.  Program Implementation and Logistics

Chief Joseph Hatchery Science Program Summary of Activities

Chief Joseph Hatchery Production Summary of Activiities