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News & Information

Rufus Woods Lake Notice of rainbow trout release March 25, 2019 PDF

Notice to the Public: Lamprey fish released in Similkameen PDF

Notice to the Public: Two new wolf packs Confirmed PDF

Second Pronghorn Release on Colville Indian Reservation PDF

Colville Tribal Wildlife Program Restores Pronghorn PDF

Large Group of Sturgeon Released at Rufus Woods PDF

CCT Annual Production Plan and Report forms PDF

CCT Importation of Animals Permit PDF

Chief Joseph Hatchery Fact sheet PDF

Honorary Hunter PDF

Hide/Pelt Sealing Requirements for Gray Wolf, Cougar, Bobcat, and River Otter PDF

(northern pike reward program information)

Pike rewards poster PDF

Pike rewards program rules PDF

Pike drop-off locations/map PDF

Pike fish head removal instructions PDF