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Welcome to the Colville Tribes Climate Change Page 

This page is maintained by the Colville Tribes Climate Change Planning Group and is provided as an education and outreach resource for those who wish to learn more about climate change and the ongoing work of the Tribe’s Climate Change Steering Committee.  Our goal with this page is to increase understanding of the current and projected climate change impacts on the reservation and within our traditional territories, and to assist departments and individuals in developing effective adaptation strategies.  You are encouraged to visit the links on this site to learn more about climate change and how you can get involved.          

What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in weather on a global scale or for a particular region.  When we speak of weather, we’re speaking about discrete observations of the weather outside right now.  Climate refers to long term trends in weather.  Climate studies take into account thousands of weather observations over time and uses statistical analysis to identify long term trends. 



Climate-Related Degree Programs in the Northwest

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) combines academic expertise with federal resources to advance climate science development and delivery for managers and policy makers in the Northwest region.

In 2010 the NW CSC was established by the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) to help safeguard the region's natural and cultural resources by providing managers and policy-makers across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana with timely, relevant, accessible climate science. The NW CSC is one of eight regional DOI Climate Science Centers across the country coordinated through the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

March 14-16 the Colville Confederated Tribes hosted the 2017 INSTITUTE FOR TRIBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS (ITEP) Climate Change Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation.

The workshops provided an overview to planning for climate change impacts, highlighting the work of several tribes. The course is was intended for tribal environmental and natural resource professionals who are or will be involved in climate change adaptation planning.

Topics included: Climate change in the Pacific Northwest, the process of developing climate change adaptation plans, climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation strategies.

Spokane.GroupPhoto (1).jpg
 Tribal employees from throughout the Country, primarily the Pacific Northwest, involved in group climate change adaptation exercises.

Tribal employees from throughout the Country, primarily the Pacific Northwest, involved in group climate change adaptation exercises.